Who is Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar is a name you will come across whenever you search personal development or sales training.  He was a leader in the field. He passed away in 2012, but his son is carrying on his legacy and training.

Zig Ziglar’s Biography

Zig Ziglar was born Hilary Hinter Ziglar but very early became known as Zig. He was the 10 of 12 kids. He lived his early years in Alabama then moved to Texas. His father died when he was young. Zig Ziglar was a sales rep for several companies over the years. He was very successful and eventually became a vice-president and director of training for the Automotive Performance Company.

Zig Ziglar was a sales person, author, and motivational speaker. He died in 2012. His son Tom manages the company to ensure his legacy and ideals continue.

Ziglar Live Events

  • The Ziglar 2 day experience
  • Business Owners Boot Camp – 2 day Intensive Interactive Workshop. T
  • Speakers Institute – 3 day intensive workshop

Zig Zigler’s Coach Training Program

You can become a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer. In this program you learn how to coach using the Ziglar methods and process and once certified you can teach four of the Ziglar Foundation Courses. You can learn the details of this program on his site: https://www.Ziglar.com/zlc/

Zig Ziglar’s Combination Packages

Building the Best You Coaching Program – includes all of How To Stay Motivated, See You At the Top, and the Performance Planner

Old School Whole Shootin Match – this set includes one copy of every book, CD Program and DVD program that is instock, plus one one-on-one coaching session with Tom Zigler to create your personal success plan.

People Builder Pack for Business – this package includes Live to Win and 5 of the Performance Planners

Phenomenal Business Growth Home Study Course

Ziglar Families that Win Course

Zigler Interactive Programs

Live to Win is a year long program with weekly group training and webinars. This program is designed to teach you the skills and help you develop the habits you need to succeed. This program includes audio downloads, electronic workbooks, weekly live training and group coaching webinars for one year. A Ziglar on-demand subscriptions for one year is also included.

Zig Zigler’s Podcasts

There are a few different subscription based programs that is offered by Zig Ziglar’s company.

  • The Ziglar Show – is a subscription based podcast that aim to inspire you to top performance.
  • Listen for Success – this is Zig`s motivational talks to improve sales and business results.

Ziglar on Demand

Ziglar On-Demandis a subscription based program. It gives you some of Ziglar`s best tools available at your fingertips when you want them. There is sales training, family relationship training, personal development training, and listening to some of his motivational talks available on-demand. This includes 60 hours of Ziglar`s Foundation courses.

Zig Zigars Business Growth Package

The Zig Ziglar Business Growth Package is a subscription webcast and the Business owners boot camp.

One on One Coaching

If you want a more in depth experience on a higher lever, you can have one on one coaching with Ziglar certified coaches.

Ziglar Family

The Ziglar Family program is designed to improve family relationships. You can take a free 7-day challenge, You can have a free family checkup. You can take part in the family Thrive program.

Zig Ziglar on Time Management

The Zig Ziglar Performance Planner. _ this is an organization and time management system. you can get some additional training to go with it if you would like.

Zig Ziglar Books

Confessions of a Happy Christian

Zig Ziglar`s Secrets of Closing the Sale – also available in CD and MP3

Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World – also available in CD and DVD

Top Performance: How to Develop Excellence in Yourself and Others

Over the Top

Success for Dummies

Network Marketing for Dummies

Selling 101: What Every Successful Sale Professional Needs to Kno

Confessions of a Greiving Christian

The Autobiography of Zig Ziglar – also available in CD

Better Than Good: Creating a Life You Can’t Wait to Live

Embrace the Struggle: Living Life on Life`s Terms

Born to Win: Find Your Success Code. – also available in CD and e-book

Courtship After Marriage – also available in CD and MP3

Little Book of Big Quotes

Gods Way is Still the Best Way

Conversations with my Dog

Ziglar on Selling

The One Year of Daily Insights

Zig Ziglar CDs other than those listed above

How to Stay Motivated – Volume i – Develop the Qualities of Success – also available as an MP3

How To Stay Motivated – Volume ii – Change the Picture – also available as an MP3

How to Stay Motivated – Volume iii – The Goals Program – also available as an MP3

How to Stay Motivated is available as a set in MP3 format.

Ziglar Sales Program – also available in DVD

A View from the Top
Christian Motivation for Daily Living

Qualities of Success

The Selling Difference

A Conversation on Character also available as MP3
Book of Proverbs read by Zig Ziglar

Biscuits, Fleas, and Pump Handles

Zig Ziglar DVDs not mentioned above

Strategies for Success: Blueprint for Success – also available as a MP3

True Performance Series

Close, Close, Close also available as an MP3

Strategies for Success: the Goal Program


Zig Ziglar e-books not mentioned above

Words Have Power- Successful Persuasion Through Public Speaking

Ziglar on Ethics

Encouragement for the Sales Professional

More Encouragement for the Sales Professional

Zip Ziglar MP3 training not mentioned above

Golden Rule Relationship Building

Voice Inflections

Ziggets – Personal Development
Ziggets – Sales

Ziggets – Sales Copy

Ziggets – Leadership

Biscuits, Flees, and Pump Handles

Spiritual Journey

The Selling Difference

True Performance Series

Goal Setting and Achieving

Out of Sight

Ziglar Speakers and Trainers

Ziglar trained speakers are available to be booked as a keynote speaker for events and conventions or for training within your organization.

Free Ziglar Products

The following products are available for free on the Ziglar website.

Newsletter – you can sign up for the free news letter at the bottom of this page on his website:https://www.Ziglar.com/why-Ziglar/

Ziglar Blog – you can read the Ziglar blog here: https://www.Ziglar.com/blog/


Although he is no longer with us, Zig Ziglar`s legacy continues with his company with his son leading the charge. There are a diverse selection of options to meet your individual or team needs.