Who is Les Brown?

Les Brown is one of the top motivational speakers in the world. He is known for his catch phases “Its possible”, “you gotta be hungry” and “you have greatness within you”.

Les Brown Biography

Les Brown was born in an abandoned building in Miami along with his twin brother Wesley. Soon after he was adopted by Maimi Brown. She was a single woman that despite low income adopted several children over the years.

Les was labeled educable mentally retarded in grade school. It was a teacher in high school that helped him over come this label and achieve incredible results. Les frequently tells a story about a teacher asking him to do some work on the board. He said he couldn’t. The teacher told to him to never let anyone else or a label anyone gives him to define who he is or what he can be.

The teacher encouraged him to follow his dreams and be whatever he wants to be. He told the teacher he wanted to be a Disc Jockey. The teacher told him to listen to the best speakers and to practice, practice, practice and to be ready when the opportunity comes.

Les Brown went to a radio station in Miami looking for a job. Les tells the story that he went back everyday being told no, until the manager gave up and gave him a job as an errand boy. It was when a disc jockey was drinking on the job and Les was the only person around that his opportunity finally came. He had been practicing and he was ready. When the microphone came on he said “Look out! This is me LB, triple P – Les Brown, Your Platter Playing Poppa. There were none before me and there will be none after me. Therefore, that makes me the one and only. Young and single and love to mingle. Certified, Bona-fide, indubitably qualified to bring you satisfaction, and a whole lot of action. Look out, baby, I’m your lo-o-ove man.” The Radio station then hired him full time as a disc jockey.

After his Radio career Les Brown became a member of the Ohio State Legislature, then worked at PBS for a while, and then began Les Brown Enterprises. He also had a short run television show.

Les Brown has been included in the Top Five Outstanding Speakers Worldwide by Toastmasters International. The National Speakers Association awarded him the Council of Peers Award of Execllence and the Golden Gavel Award for achievement and leadership in communication,

Les Brown Events

Les Brown puts on events all over the world. The current event that he is promoting is: Les Brown Unlimited – Empower your Mind and Change Your Life.

He is also a keynote speaker at private events. Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders has all hired him. He is considered a premier keynote speaker and has audiances as large as 80,000 people. He energizes people to meet challenges that they face and build their dream life.

Les Brown Motivational Self-help On-line

Like other success and motivational coaches, Les Brown has several self-help videos and audios available. Many of his courses and material are available online. They are available for 30 day access, 6 month access, or to purchase unlimited access. The course he offers are:

-4 Stages to Greatness

-Bringing out the Millionaire In You

-Choosing your Future

-Creating Your Greatest Life

-Getting Unstuck

-How to Tell a Story

-Speak your Way to Unlimited Wealth – Volume 1

-Speak your Way to Unlimited Wealth – Volume 2

-Unwrap your Infinite Greatness with the Bonus title – It’s Not Over Until you Win

-Vision Commitment Support/Making It Through the Storms of Life

-Woman thou art Loosed

-You Deserve!

Les Brown Books, Speeches, CDs and DVDs

Les Brown has release several books, audio books, speeches, CDs, and DVDs. He also co-authored several books and wrote the forward for many more. Many are listed here, but not all of them.

-Live Your Dreams

-It’s Not Over Until you Win – How to Become the Person You Always Wanted to Be No Matter What the Obstacle

-The Best of Les Brown Audio Collection – Inspiration from the world`s leading motivational speaker

-Live Full and Die Empty

-7 Steps to Control Your Financial Destiny

– Step Into Your Greatness

-Dream Blocks, Removing Yours

-It’s Necessary

-It’s You

-The Power of Purpose

-Up Thoughts for Down Times – Encouraging Words for Getting You Through Life

-The Courage to Live Your Dreams – multiple volumes

-It’s Possible

-Fight For Your Dreams

-Laws of Success – 12 Laws That Turn YourDreams Into Reality

-The Greatness Within You

-Increasing Your Presentation Power – multiple volumes

-Choosing Your Future

Co-written works

-How Passion Leads to a Bigger Life – Conversations with the Best Entrepeneaurs on the Planet

-What is Leadership? Defining Leadership for Personal Success

-Success is a State of Mind -Building a Foundation for Your Future

-The Power of Motivation

Les Brown Speaker Training

The Les Brown Institute offers training to become a coach, trainer, and speaker. He provides an opportunity to partner and co-brand with him.

His program is on-line and available 24/7 on demand. It includes the following courses:

-Live Your Dream

-Leadership Skills for the 21st Century

-Coaching for Success

-Speak Your Way to Unlimited Wealth

-Goal Setting for Champions

-Champion Consultive Sales Skills

-How to Tell Your Story

-Build Your Business Through Events and Seminars

-Bringing Out the Millionaire In You

-Time Management

-9 Principles of Greatness

The program also provides weekly training and coaching calls throughout the training covering topics of:

-Leadership and Project Management

-Star Goal Setting System

-Speaker Techniques and Tips

-Coaching and Emotional Intelligence

-Professional Sales Mastery Techniques

-Keys to Giving Great Presentations

-Overcoming Fear Based Obstacles.

-Powerful Motivational Messages.


Les Brown is one of the preeminent motivation speakers in the world today. He has various material that can meet the needs and budget of most people.   You can learn  more about Les Brown on Social Media.

You Can find Les Brown on Facebook, Les Brown on Twitter, Les Brown on YouTube, Instagram,  and Google+.