What good is an expensive printer without the right type of toner?

All toner cartridge is not the same and you will have to do some research to find out what’s best for your machine. Each manufacturer has its own formula that impacts in different ways on the resolution. Toner usually consists of a very fine and dry polymer mixed powder which is carbon based and when used in a laser printer the toner is burnt directly on to the paper while the heat melts the particles and stick on to the paper to create text and images. A toner cartridge is preferred over ink because of its large capacity which is cost effective in the long term.

When laser toner is used in a laser printer it is the same as using ink and comes in the form of liquid or power that is packed into the cartridge. The cartridge which is made of a hard plastic holds and controls the amount of toner that is placed on the paper. There are two types of laser toner; i.e. the dry toner which is a sort of plastic powder that helps to create the various colors in an image. Once the toner in the cartridge gets low, a warning light appears along with a message, but this does not mean that you cannot use the printer which will go on for some more time until it has to be replaced with a laser toner refill which can be rather expensive. Don’t be surprised if you find that at the end of the day you’re spending more on laser toner refill than the amount paid for your printer.

Printer toner refills however cost much laser than a new cartridge and is the best option for personal computer users. You can get your used cartridge refilled for fraction of the money you spend on a brand new cartridge and it would be worthwhile buying the printer toner refill in bulk so that you will never run short of printing ink for your machine. There are many online companies that are selling bulk ink fillers compatible with the popular machines. You must ensure that you buy the correct refill because all cartridges cannot use the same type of ink.

When you have to do photo printing, the type of paper is quite different from what you use for ordinary printing jobs. Out of the many brands of photo paper used today, most people consider Epson as the best for lasting quality and durability of the print. In order to get high quality prints its worthwhile using superior photo paper and the ink that is suitable to print the photos in vibrant colors. The three types of paper on which photo printing is done are known as glossy, semi-gloss and matt.

Printer paper also comes in different qualities and textures and has to be selected in keeping with the job at hand.  The one known as offset paper is what is usually used for interior sheets and brochures and is thinner than the other types. Coated printer paper is coated on one or both sides and has a dull matt surface. This is ideal to print images and graphics. The last is the uncoated, untreated paper that has lines on the surface and commonly used for minutes, memos and everyday work.