‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Casts It’s New Hero?

The story of New York web-slinger Spider-Man seems to be one of the most rebooted franchises in history – only a mere six months after the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a promising reboot in itself, Sony Pictures decided to cut short Andrew Garfield’s successful reign in favour of yet another reboot.

Pointless?… Definitely.

None-the-less, Sony, who own the rights to Marvel‘s Spider-Man, clearly see something the rest of us don’t, especially for those who actually thought Garfield as Peter Parker was a match made in heaven.

News on who his successor would be have been circulating for months, with a whole host of high-profile young actors linked to the part that every guy in Hollywood seems to want – but everyone chucking their names in the hat, one thing is certain, Sony are looking for a much younger hero this time round, leading us to believe that the story will revolve around a kid Spider-Man.