Space Jam 2 Even Closer To Reality As NBA Superstar Pens Warner Bros. Contract

Let’s face it, Space Jam was a fundamental movie in our childhood development – well at least if you grew up in the 90’s that is.

A sequel to the Warner Bros. classic has been floating around the movie studio for the best part for two decades, ever since Michael Jordan teamed up with Bugs Bunny and now it appears the project is moving ever closer to actual reality.

News broke a couple of weeks ago regarding current NBA superstar Lebron James signing a yet undisclosed contract with Warner Bros. that is likely in connection with the studios ‘indevelopment’ sequel – though neither parties have confirmed the details of the agreement.

James, who recently signed for his hometown team in Cleveland, is seen by many as the Michael Jordan of his era having won mostly every accolade in Basketball, including numerous MVP’s and even an Olympic gold medal for the USA – so perhaps he’s the suitable choice for a sequel, especially considering James recently made his screen debut in the current box office hit Trainwreck (2015). Many have been more than vocal since rumours first broke of a follow up to Space Jam in regards to whether the studio should even be entertaining the idea of a sequel.

Space Jam 2 is currently in listed as in development, though no release date has been set and the project is yet to confirm its director and leading star – so who knows, Coby Bryant may still be in with a chance.