Printer accessories and their uses

Knowing how to make the inkjet cartridge in the printer last long will help those who use inkjet printers on a daily basis to save in the long term. Using and maintaining it the right way will not only ensure that the printer provides you with excellent service for a long time but will also help you to save the money you would otherwise have to spend buying new cartridges all the time. One thing most users are not aware of is that it’s not advisable to wait until the last drop of ink is squeezed out of the inkjet cartridge before replacing it with a new one.

Keeping your printer unused for a long time will make the cartridge become dry and unusable. Therefore even if you don’t have much printing, try to take a print out at least once a week to ensure the smooth running of the printer. It is also worthwhile knowing that it’s not necessary to keep buying printer toner all the time since now its possible to get reconditioned toner at a very much reduced price than you would have to pay for a brand new printer toner. Make sure you buy it from a reputed dealer because unless the cartridges are properly cleaned out before refilling, it could damage the printer.

Why pay more when you can get an ink toner refill from well known suppliers such as Dell ink, Lexmark, Canon Ink etc. at competitive prices?  Your best option is to look for discounted ink refillers online because of the competitive prices they offer. Most manufacturers stock almost every known brand of ink toner refill and some even offer them free of charge if you opt to buy a more expensive device from them. You should not worry about the quality of such items, because they are as good as the brand new products and can e bought in bulk and stocked for future use.

If you use your printer for the purpose of printing photos taken from a digital camera, you will need to get quality paper to have them printed as otherwise you will not be able to obtain high quality photos.  Although there are different types of paper that can be used to print photos,  many prefer the texture of glossy paper rather than matt photo paper which does not bring out the true colors and vibrancy of a photograph. Matt photo paper however is best for text and simple images because it does not have a surface that reflects or become shiny and is therefore ideal to print text that can be read easily.

A commonly used printer part in laser printer is an image drum kit which is essential for printing images. It’s the responsibility of the image drum to receive images from the scanner and transfer it to paper.  Continuous use wears out the image drum kit very quickly and it must then be replaced in order to keep receiving quality print outs.   Different brands of printers have their own drums and the life span of each printer image drum depends on the number of pages that are printed within a certain period. When the page limit is reached a message will appear on the printer at which time its advisable to replace the worn out drum as otherwise the   drum will stop automatically and will need instant replacement.