Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters Cast Relatively Unknown Villain

The all female-led reboot of Ghostbusters seems to definitely be picking up pace now as director Paul Feig announced that he’s cast his villiain in the form of relatively unknown Saturday Night Live cast member Neil Casey.

Casey, who is currently starring in Feig’s original Yahoo TV series Other Space, will hook up with fellow cast members and SNL alumni Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy in the coming weeks – filming of the reboot has already started in Vancouver.

At the moment, Feig is being very coy on releasing details regarding Casey’s character or any plot insights, leaving most of us wondering what kind of story we will see and what kind of villain the Ghostbusters will meet.

Other recent additions to this new undead fighting family is Thor star Chris Hemsworth, who takes on the role of receptionist – a clear sign that Paul Feig wants to introduce a new female fan base to the classic franchise. Andy Garcia (Godfather Part 3) and Michael K. Williams (Robocop) have also been confirmed for roles in the project with Garcia set to play the Mayor of New York.