Not Every Project Should Be Done Yourself

Installing a shower is anything but an easy task! I learned the hard way that it was better to find a shower door installer in NJ than it was to figure out how to install a shower door myself. It took way too long for me to figure out that I couldn’t do it myself. Some projects are just better suited for someone else to do, and that’s why I was thankful to have someone else come and install the door for me.

I started the project thinking it was a simple job. I would take the door off and just put the new one up. It was going to be easy since it was the same exact shower door. I wouldn’t have to do anything else. Boy, was I wrong! I spent the majority of the day not being able to figure out why the door wasn’t working on the frame. The frame is the same, the door was the exact same door that was being replaced. It should have been that hard! I eventually gave up and called someone to install it for me.

The installer was real fast to fix the door for me. I had to replace the frame of the door as well. When I was doing it myself, I had no idea that I had to do that too! I was trying to fit a new door into the old frame, that doesn’t work. The installer was so kind to explain that for my door, that wasn’t going to work and the new frame and the new door would work better. After he took out the old frame as well, he caulked and sealed the outsides and insides and tested it for leaks. It was as good as new! I couldn’t believe that I had wasted so much of my time on this project, when it took someone else not even a few hours to do it.