Is Chris Pine Set To Play Green Lantern?

A reboot of DC Comics popular Green Lantern franchise has been on the cards for quite some time – due mostly in part to the 2011 box office catastrophe that gripped Ryan Reynolds big-screen outing as the fighter-pilot-turned-galactic-hero, Hal Jordan.

For the most part superhero movies tend to fair extremely well for studios these days, so with a flop already on their hands, Warner Bros. Studios are taking their time when it comes to casting their new leading man – and one name that’s stayed well and truly in the mix over the last couple of years is Chris Pine.

The Star Trek and Into the Woods star has been heavily linked with the role of Hal Jordan and it seems his chances of taking over as the reboots lead are growing stronger by the day.

Rumours started to pick up momentum when Pine, who’s starts filming the third Star Trek film in the coming weeks, entered talks with Warner Bros. executives about a supporting role in Gal Gadot’s stand-alone Wonder Woman film – though most believe this was just a smoke-screen for talks regarding the Green Lantern reboot.

There is however no definitive answer, or in fact concrete news, regarding the upcoming project, though Warner Bros. and DC Comics have recently hinted at a possible exciting new direction for the franchise that flopped so badly back in 2011.

If the rumours are to be believed, then we could see not one, but two Green Lantern‘s feature in the next installment, with the second character being that of John Stewart, another Green Lantern who, in the comics, later joined Hal Jordan in fighting evil throughout the universe.

Speculation regarding latest development remains sketchy, but many fans would like to see Transformers and Fast & Furious star, Tyrese Gibson, take on the role.

With an estimated release date of 2020, it could still be some time before we have a definitive answer of the future of this potential money-making franchise – but all signs look promising at least.