‘Godfather’ Visionary To Re-awaken ‘Jeepers Creepers’ Franchise

News has recently come in regarding a re-awakening of the horror franchise Jeepers Creepers, almost 13 years after the second installment just managed to break even at the box office.

Legendary ‘Godfather’ of film, Francis Ford Coppola, recently confirmed a third project is in the early stages of pre-production, with original writer/director Victor Salva attached to complete his trilogy, when production begins early next year in Vancouver.

Jeepers Creepers first made it’s debut on the horror scene back in 2001, with Dodgeball star Justin Long starring in the low-budget horror that centred around an ancient demonic monster that stalked unsuspecting drivers in a remote part of the US. Every 23rd spring the creature known as ‘The Creeper’ would hunt for body parts to replenish its own body, but could only hunt to 23 days.

As one of the more inventive horror premises, the first installment is a seen by many as a horror classic, though sadly the sequel did little to build upon this great story, bombing with critics and audiences when released back in 2003.

The first Jeepers Creepers hit cinemas back in 2001

Hopefully the third installment in the franchise, due out potentially in 2017, can breath some new life into a story that’s barely scratched the surface.