Betting with Friends is Always Fun!

There is nothing more fun than watching a sport and going on betting web sites and seeing what I could win or what to beat on. Finding the odds on favorite for different competitions is always a real look inside what professionals and drive-by betters are thinking and feeling. Hanging out with friends is always a great time to place a bet! It makes the sport more fun to watch and gives you a little incentive to be involved as well!

I had been watching some boxing with a friend on weekend. Oddly enough, every person that I had said was going to win had won! He convinced me for one round to go on a betting site and put some money down on my choice. I thought he was crazy, but as the night went on and I got more correct, but I was convinced and went on a site and put some money down. I put down $100 into a site and placed my bet. It was legal here, so I had no issues with being able to do that. I know in some areas, online betting is not legal so be sure to check laws in your area before doing anything like this!

After that next round, the person I picked had won. My $100 had turned into $1000! I was asked by the site if I wanted to bet again. I know enough to know that you take the money and run so I cashed out and in a few days, it was in my bank account. I was relieved that I got the money because I know of a few people who told me later that they were scammed by a betting site and never got their money. Thankfully, I haven’t had that experience and I saw all the money that I had won. I know not everyone is as lucky as me (both with betting and with sites) but be aware of what you are putting your money into. There are plenty of quality betting sites out there and for every 100 good sites, there might be one bad one. With all that said, I would really stand by placing bets with friends! It was so much fun and I ended up with a lot of extra money!