Best Science Technology and Development

Science and technology are interrelated.  Science experiments and innovations has brought many changes into technology and consequently in our lives. Almost everything which is happing around us owes its existence to science and technology.

Best science and technology for development has brought changes to our transport and communication system. For example, there were times when we used to travel on animals and animal driven carts but now all the more improving automobile cars and autos, planes, trains, and metro which make transport and migration from city to city and country to country all the more matter of hours even you have to travel to the new world. Besides this, communication has become inexpensive, quick, and frequent between individuals living in opposite corners of the world. It is a matter of second to communicate through net with far off living friends and family. Net and cellular phones have overtaken conventional telephone, telegraph, and mailing technology.

We owe sky rocketing buildings, metropolitans and mega police city structure to none but best science and technology which developed the arena of construction factory. We owe urban outlook of the cities to science technology development. The road and highways construction was not possible to construct in early of times. But now these high way, water and air navigation routes owe their existence to solely science technology development.

Water science has been most crucial for development of man’s life. Life and any activity you choose to do are impossible without water. Moreover unequal distribution of the water around the globe makes it more complicated job to survive. The science technology of irrigation and canal system has made it possible to cultivate fields in even desert lands of Egypt. Other than the irrigation system, construction of dams, barrages helps not only store water for future use, but is also used for multi purposes like electricity generation and then for the irrigation purposes. Other than this new science technology provides for cleansing of the drinking water facility, sewerage system to process and recycle the used water. Distillation technology is used to clean the water of the germs and impurities. It is more reliable method to cleanse the water than boiling of water. Because, all impurities leave the water by evaporation hence, no material is left floating on the surface of the water which is the case with boiled water.

Science and technology has been more revolutionized in the field of medicine. The twenty first century is known for breakthrough in field of medicine, as nineteenth century is known for breakthrough in physics field. The innovations as led to acute diseases treatments like cancer and brain tumor. And the progress is on going with many scientists looking forward to cloned man and animals by the end of the century.