Benefits of installing a Cell Phone or Wi-Fi signal booster

Having bought a brand new phone I couldn’t wait to  call my friends and tell them that I too was now in possession of an iPhone and could use it for all the things that we did when we got together. But first of all I had to get to my den because this was my special place and I had gone to a lot of trouble to have it done the way I wanted to spend my leisure time watching TV, listening to music or chatting with my friends.  But as luck would have it, I couldn’t use the phone since there was no signal in the den which was in the basement of my home.

You can imagine my rage and frustration since having gone to all that trouble to have my own place set up, I simply couldn’t use my cell phone because it was acting up when I wanted it most.  It just wasn’t funny having to go up every time I wanted to call someone; so I decided to speak to a technology geek I knew to ask what I should do.

At first of course he had to laugh at my stupidity and ask me whether I was so brainless not to have anticipated this problem because apparently it was very common.  Most cell phones it seems acted up in basements and tunnels because of weak signals  in such places.  High walls, tall buildings and other barriers were the main reason for the obstruction of a clear and powerful signal coming to our phones and it was my knowledgeable friend’s idea that I should get a signal booster to overcome the issue.  He went on to explain that a cell phone signal booster was a very useful device which  in fact is a tiny magnetic chip that when attached to the back of the phone would do the trick.

There I was learning something new and understanding that the cell phone which we considered the most useful device was completely useless  if it couldn’t get a strong enough signal  that could be sent and received in order to connect and carry on a conversation. In spite of its size, a cell signal booster can pack quite a punch which I discovered to my great relief  since the signal booster I bought not only helped in reducing the number of dropped calls due to a weak signal but was also able to extend the reception range of my cell phone.

It was during this time that my friend taught me how I could enhance my experience in watching moving online by having a Wi-Fi signal booster installed as otherwise I would be experiencing the same problem when I started watching movies in the basement. According to him, a wireless signal booster  would increase the Wi-Fi signal range to enable me to stream videos to my wireless device instead of having to wait until the online video was fully buffered.  Something else I learnt  was the benefit of having a Wi-Fi access point installed to establish a wireless communication to a local network.   This, I was told would   enable a faster connection by the simple process of providing a better bandwidth over existing networks.